The Towel Cozy was developed as the instant, reusable, portable heat pad

The Towel Cozy is a re-usable, portable, gel click heat pad that stays warm for up to 2 hours. The Towel Cozy was primarily developed to warm towels ready for when your child gets out of the swimming pool, but has multiple uses such as keeping you warm while watching outdoor sports, camping, heat therapy (Muscular / therapeutic pain relief), emergency warmth e.g. car breakdowns and is also a great alternative to a hot water bottle.

The Towel Cozy is the convenient way to add a little warmth to your day

Fast to activate

Snap the metal disc situated inside the Towel Cozy reusable heat pack back and forth once.

Long lasting warmth

Will stay warm for up to two hours wrapped inside a towel placed inside The Storage Bag.

Easy to re-use

Simple process to re-set the Towel Cozy heat pack, ready to be used again.

The History

As a Mum to 3 gorgeous children I have spent my fair share of time either inside the swimming pool or sat next to it watching lessons.

Over the years I have become sick and tired of watching all my children freeze after swimming, especially when their lips started turning blue! So I decided to look for a product that could heat their towels, similar to when they got out of the bath in the winter to a lovely warm towel from the radiator.

After finding nothing available that I could use remotely near water I decided to make one, and as such The Towel Cozy was born.

I simply figured if this was something I wanted and needed for my children there must be other parents out there looking for something similar, so with my family’s support and guidance here we are.

I professionally come from a Sales and Account Management background working in the telecoms arena. However, after moving through the ranks, our second daughter arrived and it made me sit back and take stock. What did I want… really this boiled down to what was best for our family. I stayed at home and it is honestly hard work, but the most rewarding job I have ever done.

I came up with the Towel Cozy idea and decided that this is something that I could make fit in with and work around my family life and commitments.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, friend, taxi driver etc… like most mothers I wear many many hats and I spin lots and lots of plates!

Everyone I have spoken to tells me I should go on Dragons Den! It could be an option moving forward but right now I do not need the Dragon’s input (and by that I mean here is my business baby on a platter please rip it to shreds!)

Having spent the last 18 months contacting various manufacturers, having samples sent to be checked and market research and market testing I am delighted to launch this product into the e commerce arena.

Please take a further look to see the shopping options you now have. Oh and don’t forget to like my page on Facebook and to follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Happy shopping and here’s to a cozy warm winter.

Love Karen

Buying the Towel Cozy

Towel Cozy


The Towel Cozy will come to you as a complete set ready to go. It can be used immediately after opening. The instruction leaflet is easy to use and in case you need it you can also see the instruction video on this website to help you reset and reuse time and time again.

Please be aware that once an order is placed we are NOT able to amend any of the order details, please place your order with this in mind. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Shipping in the UK is via Royal Mail 1st class signed for. International postage prices quoted upon request, please email us at

The Set Includes:

  • The Towel Cozy Heat Pad
  • The Storage Bag
  • The Boil Bag
  • The Storage Box
  • The Instruction Leaflet

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Frequently asked questions

Below are a list of the frequently asked questions about the Towel Cozy which should help you with your product. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

My Towel Cozy has been solid for more then a week and now won't reset properly when I boil it

Place your Towel Cozy in the boil bag and double the reset time, so instead of boiling for 20 minutes boil it for 40 minutes. This may seem like a long time but as the crystals are hard set you need to boil it for longer to liquefy them again.

Otherwise follow the instructions and make sure you double check that no crystals are left in the liquid after the boiling process

How do I store my Towel Cozy reusable heat pack?

Store your Towel Cozy in its LIQUID form inside the Storage box

How do I activate my Towel Cozy click heat pack?

Locate the free floating metal disc inside the heat pack and click this back and forth. Be sure to lie your Towel Cozy on a FLAT surface when you do this so the liquid is dispersed evenly as the activation process takes place.

I forgot to fold my Towel Cozy and now I cannot fold it to reset it

Its OK the Boil Bag is big enough to allow you to place the Towel Cozy inside completely hard and flat. Prop this up in your pan and start the re-set process accordingly. The Towel Cozy will shrink down into the pan just like spaghetti does when it starts to cook. Once the whole thing is inside the pan activate your timer for 20 minutes and follow the rest of the reset process.

My Towel Cozy has split open and it is now leaking. What should I do?

The liquid inside the Towel Cozy is NON TOXIC. It is sodium acetate – salt and water. If your Towel Cozy has been compromised and is leaking simply pour the contents down your sink and flush with water. Please dispose of the PVC outer in your general waste.

My Towel Cozy has arrived cold and hard. What should I do?

Please do not worry if you cannot immediately activate your Towel Cozy. All that has happened is that it has been accidentally activated during the shipping process. This means that you will have received a cold hard Towel Cozy. Simply follow the reset instructions (boil it in the boil bag) outlined on the instruction leaflet enclosed in the box and you will be ready to go.  Your hard Towel Cozy will sink down into your pan exactly like spaghetti does when you boil it. Please ensure that you start the 20 minute timer once the entire Towel Cozy is covered by the water in the pan.

Can my Towel Cozy heat pack go in the microwave?

NO, absolutely not. The activation disc is metal. The PVC outer will also melt and this will cause the liquid to leak.

Will a puncture repair kit work if I pierce the PVC outer?

NO, unfortunately once the PVC outer is compromised you cannot fix and reuse the Towel Cozy. Please follow the disposal instructions.

I have lost my instruction leaflet

That’s OK simply download it here

I want to order more than 5 Towel Cozies but the website won’t process my order

Please go to the wholesale section and complete the enquiry form. Someone will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your requirement

Contact us

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